Icons, Index and Symbols.

Monica and I worked together on this project.  We divided it up by her taking the first five and I took the next four. 

Icons:  Are directly related to what they display. 

Index: Most road signs are index because they directly illustrate what you should or should not do/watch out for. 

Symbols: Are often abstract and have to be learned by the viewer seeing what the symbol represents a few times. 


1. The Statue of Liberty


The Statue of Liberty is a direct visual reference to the state of New York.  Also, many people associate it with the United States and freedom.  It has many different meanings and is truly an icon. 

2. The McDonald’s Logo


The McDonald’s logo makes one think of fast food right away, probably because it was the first ever real well known fast food franchise. 

3. Handicap Sign


The handicap sign has a direct visual reference to the concept displayed. 


1. Wet Floor Sign


The wet floor sign points directly at the meaning through the image of a person slipping. 

2. Slippery when wet sign


The “slippery when wet” sign is a visual message that illustrates a car swerving when the road is wet.

3. No smoking sign


The no smoking sign shows exactly what someone is NOT supposed to do.  The message is conveyed very clearly. 


1. The GLBT Triangle


Represents the GLBT community and when seen by someone is associated with it. 

2. Canadian Maple Leaf


The Canadian Maple Leaf when seen is associated with Canada. 

3. The Islamic Sun and Moon


When people see the Islamic sun and moon together, they know right away that it is associated with Islam because it has been talked about so much in recent years.  The cross can also be seen as a symbol for Christianity. 


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